At Simplicity, we believe rest and relaxation should be accessible and available to anyone craving a break for some time out. We have developed a range of blissful retreat programs, perfectly designed for busy lives.

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We look forward to having a blissful retreat with you…

Clarity Retreat
An incredibly relaxing retreat where you can ease yourself with quiet reflections, bringing clarity and positive energy. Make yourself a priority and find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Revitalise Retreat
Feel revitalised with flowing yoga sequences and strengthening postures. Get back on track and equip yourself with practical skills in meditation, relaxation and calming breathing techniques.  

Finding Balance Retreat
A beautiful opportunity to slow down and take a break from everyday pressures.  Regain mental and physical balance through balancing postures, learn breathing and meditation techniques to bring focus and emotional stability.  Plus flowing yoga and relaxation to get you back in balance.

Letting Go Retreat
A slow paced retreat to release tension, gain flexibility and let go of life’s worries. Flowing yoga exercises and strengthening postures will help reduce strain, rid of negativity and leave you feeling lighter.   

Inner Calm Retreat
Get the break you deserve and have quiet time out. Learn postures and sequences to nurture the body, as well as breathing techniques to relieve the mind. Reconnect with your inner calm and build resilience for whatever comes your way.

Dedication Retreat
A lovely relaxing retreat for you to dedicate time with a friend, to dedicate positive thoughts to a loved one or simply dedicate some peaceful time to yourself! Yoga as a moving meditation is a great way to relax the body and calm the mind.  Enjoy the time to reflect on ways to simplify yourself and your surroundings.

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