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How to choose the best class for you

by Gail Robertson, Yoga Flows

In yogic philosophy, parinamavada refers to the idea that constant change is an inevitable part of life. This recognises that we feel differently from one day to the next because we are constantly changing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When we choose a class, it is wise to assess where we are today.  As a general guide to gain the most benefit from your yoga class…

  • When feeling agitated or fatigued, it is best to engage in more calming practices offered in Vinyasa Flow, Restorative or General Hatha classes. 
  • When our energy levels are able to sustain the physicality of the sequences, choose a Vigorous Vinyasa or Ashtanga practice. 

It is also important to avoid an advanced yoga class when a beginning class would better suit our experience and skills.

Always remember to let your teacher know if you are pregnant, or you are experiencing any little physical twinges or injury flare ups so that modifications can be provided for you to ensure your yoga practice is just right for you at that time.

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