4 Must-Ask Questions to Find the Perfect Yoga Class

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4 Must-Ask Questions to Find the Perfect Yoga Class I’m thrilled so many of you are asking for recommendations on great yoga classes. In our great city of Canberra, we are truly spoilt for choice! When searching for a yoga class, your focus needs to be finding the perfect yoga class FOR YOU. Here’s a really easy way to get started… 1. What do I need right now? People are drawn to yoga for many different reasons. Is your mind and body craving for stress-relief? Are you keen to improve your fitness or need some deep stretching...

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Nourishing soup recipes from our chef – Angie Gluten Free

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As we welcome the cooler months, this is a special newsletter where we share our very own chef’s most nourishing soup recipes, for you to try at home!Angie Cowen is an amazing whole foods chef, passionate about gluten-free, dairy-free cooking and providing a culinary taste experience, whilst aiding the body’s health through strengthening the digestive system. She shares with us her classic Beetroot Soup, a Simple Quinoa and Vegetable Soup, and the incredible Kale, Broccoli and Zucchini Soup. To experience Angie’s delightful feasts...

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How to look after yourself and keep it simple this holiday season…

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Aaaaah so the pace has picked up leading up to a busy holiday season! For some reason our days are getting longer, to-do lists are piling up and our bodies feeling exhausted. We are very fortunate to share with you a very practical article by Canberra-based Nutritionist, Rae Kilpatrick on her best tips for looking after yourself physically and mentally this holiday season. I met Rae a few months ago and she is such joy! Rae is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to looking after yourself and your family, yet she is very grounded and so...

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Slowing down, seeking solitude and outdoor yoga

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A warm hello as we return from an amazing Kangaroo Valley Spring Getaway! Many of us lead very busy lives, meeting various obligations and constantly serving others. It is often a rare chance to be able to take a step away from it all. Our intention behind Simplicity Retreats is to create space and time to be able to let go… To be able to leave our different roles behind and give permission to focus on ourselves. It is in these moments of slowing down and seeking solitude that we start to discover peace within. “A blissful escape...

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Nurture new directions this spring!

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Spring is a wonderful time to create new cycles, an opportunity to nurture new directions, more expression and activity, as well as transcend barriers. Look around you. Observe how the energy of Spring-time is rising and expanding, bringing warmth, new buds turning into shoots, bird calls, is there a spring in your step? Go for regular walks and enjoy the beauty of our waterways. A time to hitch a ride on spring energy only comes around once a year. So how can you make the most of it? Here are some ideas. Create some fresh affirmations. Take...

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What’s On? Canberra yoga events in October

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Here’s a packed calendar of Canberra yoga events and the winner of our recent Endota Spa Massage Giveaway! WHAT’S ON? 8 Oct | 15 Day Challenge: Civic Studio 10 Oct | 15 Day Challenge: Belconnen Studio 11 Oct | Relax and Restore 13, 2 & 27 Oct | Yoga in the Park with Ramone: Civic 17-19 Oct | Kangaroo Valley Spring Getaway 18 & 25 Oct | Outdoor yoga with Angela: Gunghalin...

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Exhausted? Need a circuit breaker?

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Lately, I’ve fallen into a trap of long work hours, late nights and giving away my time to everyone and everything. I pushed through, accepted exhaustion as the norm and eventually became ill. Sickness is our body’s way of telling us to slow down. To rest. To retreat from the world and allow our natural rhythms to re-callibrate and become resilient again. But then its a hard slog of searching for motivation. I wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself, but the mind is a stubborn thing. Days and weeks pass… and before I know...

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Win a free Endota Spa Massage with our Spring Survey!

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DREAMING OF AN INDULGING MASSAGE? Join our Spring Survey for your chance to win an Endota Spa Massage! The survey only takes a few minutes and it’ll help us gauge the wellbeing of the community. The giveaway ends on 30 September 2014, please pass onto others  who may be interested in some rest and relaxation. Enter Now. CANBERRA YOGA CONFERENCE On other exciting news, the Canberra Yoga Conference website is now live! Confirmed for 14 March 2015, it will be a great opportunity for the yoga community to come together and celebrate all...

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What’s On? Canberra yoga events in September

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Ahhh the sun is out, the skies are clear and the Canberra yoga community is here to welcome the spring! Check out the fabulous yoga events happening in September. 3 Sept | Yoga and meditation with Dada Gunamuktananda 6 Sept | Awakening the Spine with Dan Fanthorpe 6 Sept | Family Yoga 7 Sept | Prana-Nada-Chakra 7 Sept | Broga: Free fathers day yoga with Ramone Bisset 13 Sept | Letting Go Retreat...

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8 Reasons behind overwhelm

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I used to think that being overwhelmed was just a normal feeling from doing too much with not enough time to get it all done. Something that would go away as I worked through endless “to-do lists”. Now, I realise that overwhelm is not a natural or healthy state – it’s part of our stress response to tell us that we are not coping. Sometimes it just doesn’t go away, but develops into deeper states such as anxiety, hopelessness, depression and illness. Overwhelm is usually accompanied by its good friend “procrastination”, and there the party...

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