About Us

Gail_PJSimplicity Retreats were born from our love of yoga and desire to encourage wellbeing.

Hosted by PJ Ann Aguilar, with Principal Yoga Teacher, Gail Robertson, we give you the gift of time – to take time out for yourself, embrace relaxation and reconnect with the simple things in life.

The idea started in January 2010, with Simplicity Retreats Manager, PJ Ann Aguilar after the birth of her first son. She needed a practical way to find time for herself and wanted to embrace the benefits of yoga retreats, without the need to travel or be away for an extended period.

No longer able to attend interstate retreats, PJ decided to bring retreats to her. She partnered with Gail Robertson and together they created Simplicity Retreats. The retreats provide a traditional Hatha Yoga practice instilling strength, flexibility and grace.


PJ Ann Aguilar | Manager

PJ is the friendly face and host of Simplicity Retreats. She loves connecting with people and is committed to sharing the benefits of yoga to the community. She has been practising yoga for over 12 years and is an Associate Member of Yoga Australia and International Yoga Teachers Association.

PJ is also the dreamer and business coach behind Yoga Biz Coach, helping busy yoga teachers create a thriving business. She loves working with women who’ve discovered being a yoga teacher gives an identity where they can truly feel like themselves.

PJ is a regular speaker at events, including at Yoga Australia, Canberra Yoga Conference and Summer’s End Yoga Festival. She loves running, is a geek at heart and lives in Belconnen with her husband Greg and their two young boys, Jacob and Matt.


Gail Robertson | Principal Yoga Teacher

Gail has been practicing yoga for almost 30 years with teaching experience in Australia and North America. She founded Yoga Flows in 1998 and teaches weekly classes in in South Canberra.

She has developed a range of Hatha Yoga programs for Simplicity Retreats.  She is trained in both Ashtanga and Still Point yoga.  She studied with David Swenson for her Ashtanga qualifications.  Still Point is influenced by a number of traditions, including Sivananda, Kripalu and Kundalini. Gail guides you in traditional sequences to instill strength, stamina, flexibility and grace.  She creates an energetic, challenging and supportive environment, to encourage good health and connection to our deepest essence.